Treat And Prevent Mouth Ulcers

On many occasions, canker sores in the mouth can indicate a vitamin deficiency, be caused by stress or hormonal changes. They usually disappear on their own.
Treat and prevent mouth ulcers

When we talk about preventing canker sores it is good to keep in mind that canker sores are a type of ulcer or open and very painful sore that is created in the mouth.

Aphthae can be white or yellow and are usually surrounded by a bright red area; they can be caused by viral infections and, in some cases, it is difficult to pinpoint their cause. In this article we see how to treat and prevent canker sores .

These ulcers may be due to problems with the body’s immune system (low defenses), as they usually appear after an injury due to tooth surgery or after biting your tongue.

Why do canker sores occur?

  • Emotional stress
  • Lack of vitamins and some minerals in the diet; this may be the case with iron, folic acid or vitamin B12
  • Hormonal changes
  • Period

Anyone can develop oral canker sores, both men and women, even if the latter are the most likely to suffer from it; in some cases, they can also be hereditary.

Their symptoms are

  • Painful red spot that then turns into an ulcer
  • Ulcer of yellowish color
  • Malaise and, sometimes, fever

The pain caused by canker sores can last between 7 and 10 days and extend up to about 3 weeks, depending on the size of the ulcer.

How to prevent canker sores?

One way to prevent canker sores is to consume a lot of vitamins and iron, contained in foods rich in plant and animal proteins.

  • Vitamin B2. The deficiency of this vitamin produces cracks on the lipline and on the skin. You can find it in bread, whole grains, green leafy vegetables and milk.
  • Vitamin B3. Consuming this vitamin also helps us prevent oral problems. For example, red and white meats, dairy products and eggs contain it.
  • Folic acid. Its absence is closely related to this type of problem, as well as to anemia. However, if ingested in too high doses, it can be counterproductive, so supplements of this substance must be taken under prescription or medical supervision.
  • Vitamin B12. To get it, you need to consume foods of animal origin such as seafood, meat and dairy products.
  • Vitamin C. Its deficiency does not cause oral ulcers, but it can cause gum bleeding. The foods richest in this vitamin are citrus fruits and all types of fruits and vegetables.
  • There are also two other types of functional foods: probiotics and those that contain Omega 3. Both have an anti-inflammatory action; furthermore, a study from the University of Kentucky demonstrated their potential antibacterial activity.

In order not to have to resort to enriched or modified foods, it is good to take advantage of those that already contain these beneficial substances in nature. Foods that contain probiotics are fresh yogurt and fermented milk, while those rich in omega 3 are fish, sunflower oil and nuts.


If your daily diet has been lacking in the last period, you are likely to suffer from this problem and therefore need to know the ways in which you can treat or lessen the pain and discomfort they cause you.

While the American Dental Association assures that in most cases, these sores go away on their own, it doesn’t hurt to speed up their healing process and try to relieve symptoms:

  • You can find different types of mug rinses for sale, but it is always better to use the lighter ones.
  • A rinse that you can easily do at home is the one with water and salt or water and bicarbonate.
  • Another option can be to mix hydrogen peroxide with normal water and apply it with the help of a little cotton.

You can use these remedies as often as you like to speed up healing.

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