Treating Dysphonia With Natural Remedies

The alteration of the voice that occurs with the emission of the phono is a medical disorder known as dysphonia, or more commonly with the name of hoarseness or aphonia.
Treating dysphonia with natural remedies

Did you know that it is possible to cure dysphonia with natural remedies? Find out more!

In general, people who use their voice excessively are the most likely to suffer from this disorder.

In this regard, studies have been carried out which show that certain professional categories, such as teachers, are the most affected.

Anyone, however, can suffer from it. Let’s see, below, how to treat dysphonia . Take note!


Dysphonia can occur for various causes which are divided into “organic” and “functional”.

Among the organic causes, we can mention:

  • Nodules
  • Baby octopus
  • Laryngitis, including that caused by gastric reflux
 The functional causes are:
  • Excessive or incorrect use of the voice
  • Muscle tension

Although it is not a psychological illness, stress and anxiety play an important role in dysphonia.

Indeed, various studies show the extent to which daily life events affect functional dysphonia.

Treating dysphonia: therapies

Girl with no voice

Medical treatment should be planned according to the causes:

  • In general, vocal response and sound rehabilitation therapy is prescribed.
  • In some cases, surgery can be done.

It must be emphasized that in the case of organic dysphonia, a specific diagnosis and therapy are necessary before resorting to any other type of solution.

Natural alternatives for dysphonia

In parallel with any form of treatment , it is essential to rest our vocal cords sufficiently and avoid straining them. In addition, it is essential to drink plenty.

Infusions to treat dysphonia

Girl drinks tea

Treating dysphonia with infusions is not only an effective remedy, but also a tasty one. Remember to buy herbs in bulk to make sure they are made without additives.

To get the benefits of this treatment, it is necessary to drink two cups of our favorite infusion every day for a month. After that we will take a two-week break and then resume drinking the infusion as per instructions.


  • 1 tablespoon of herbs of your choice (10 g)
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)
  • Honey (to taste)

Method of preparation

  • Add the herbs to the boiling water previously poured into a teapot.
  • Let it cool for 7 minutes.
  • Then, strain it with the help of a colander and serve in a cup.
  • You can sweeten it with honey before enjoying it.

Among the most effective infusions in the treatment of dysphonia, we find:

  • Ginger, which stands out for its anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, it is a detoxifier for the body. This infusion is not only ideal in the treatment of dysphonia but is also useful for fighting any respiratory ailments.
  • Chamomile : in addition to its soothing and antiseptic properties, chamomile is rich in digestive properties.
  • Mallow and eucalyptus : the mucilage contained in the mallow reduces irritation, while the eucalyptus frees the respiratory tract.

Gargling to cure dysphonia

The effectiveness of this remedy for treating dysphonia is based on taking particular care not to damage the throat. For this reason, we need to gargle gently and quietly for a couple of minutes.

This treatment should be done three times a day.

Among the best options for treating dysphonia with gargling, we find:

  • Baking soda, salt and honey: mix 1 tablespoon of each of the ingredients in a glass with warm water.
  • Lemon: use the freshly squeezed juice of two lemons.
  • Sage and plantago: make an infusion with these herbs and use them to gargle.


Pineapple smoothie

Another great remedy for treating dysphonia is to consume juices regularly. It is recommended to drink two glasses daily in the morning. To optimize the results, it would be optimal to also increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables.

Remember that juices must be natural and freshly made to avoid added sugars and maximize health benefits.

The most recommended juices in case of dysphonia are:

  • Pineapple: Helps revitalize the tissues of the vocal cords.
  • Carrot: it is useful in the treatment of any respiratory disorder.
  • Cabbage: treats inflammation of the throat; in addition, together with carrot juice, it helps to calm anxiety, which could make the situation worse.

Relaxation exercises

Regardless of the treatment chosen, it is advisable to perform relaxation exercises. These that we are going to describe, are to be carried out daily, for five minutes. Here’s what they consist of:

  • Raise and lower your head.
  • Move your head from side to side.
  • Roll your shoulders back and forth.
  • Move your arms in a circular motion.

Breathing techniques

Natural remedies to cure dysphonia

In order to strengthen the respiratory system, you can perform this breathing technique.

  • Inhale for ten seconds.
  • Hold your breath for another ten seconds.
  • Release the air slowly for ten seconds.

This exercise must be performed gently, and must involve at least five repetitions.

Finally, there is a method that is beneficial and can be fun: blowing soap bubbles.

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