Walking Barefoot: All The Benefits Of This Activity

Walking barefoot brings us a feeling of well-being and multiple benefits, but if you are not used to it, do it little by little, so as not to damage your feet.
Walking barefoot: all the benefits of this activity

Walking barefoot, unlike how many people think, benefits our health, since with this simple gesture all foot muscles can be exercised,  which are strengthened if we do it frequently. 

If you are not used to walking barefoot , you must do it carefully. It is essential to warm up before starting, in order to be calm and start feeling this feeling of freedom offered by walking barefoot for some time. You can do this for about fifteen or twenty minutes for the first few days. 

What do you know about it?

Studies conducted in this regard have shown that when the feet are in direct contact with the earth, a great deal of health benefits are received for both the body and the mind. As we all know, in the feet there are many nerve endings which, upon coming into contact with the earth, help eliminate harmful elements such as stress and anxiety from the body .

The best thing is to do it directly on the ground, on a lawn and in the open air. But if you don’t have the possibility, you can also do it in your home, on the wooden floor or with tiles.

Benefits of walking barefoot

  • It stimulates blood circulation, which in turn allows for  better oxygenation.
  • It allows the body to eliminate a good amount of fat and toxins more easily.
  • Eliminates stress, depression and neurosis by strengthening the  nervous system.
  • Prevents varicose veins. It strengthens the venous system and allows a better distribution of nutrients throughout the body.
  • When walking barefoot, pressure is put on all the nerve endings connected to the different organs of the body. In this way, some diseases that arise following the obstruction of these energy channels that receive the name of meridians are healed .

There is a therapy called  reflexology. It consists in releasing accumulated energies that do not flow naturally, thus causing different types of pathologies. Among these, above all, that of the overly altered nervous system. This release occurs through the pressure of strategic points that are located in the soles of the feet. When we walk without shoes, pressure is exerted on these points in a natural way, thus managing to feel relaxed and consequently improving our health. However, it is much more effective when done on the lawn.

Remember …

Although it is a relaxing therapy that is very easy to carry out, certain precautions must be followed in carrying it out, since there may be some objects on the ground that can cause injuries and damage to our feet. Likewise, it is vital to start a little at a time and, as the muscles get stronger, increase the duration of these walks.

And do you do it often? 

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