Wedding Songs, Top 30

Wedding songs must be selected in such a way as to make every moment of the day special.
Wedding songs, top 30

The choice of songs for the wedding is very personal and depends on the tastes and love story of the couple. Many are very clear about the songs that characterize the stages of their engagement: the one when they met, the one that recalls the first kiss, the one they danced with for the first time.

What is certain is that there are many wedding songs that can give that extra touch with their lyrics and personalized melodies. We are not talking about music suitable for dancing, but about the one that makes every phase of the ceremony the protagonist.

30 wedding songs, between tradition and authenticity

1. Wedding songs: civil ceremony

Pentagram, roses and cello

The choice of the songs that will be played during the civil ceremony depends on the place where it will take place. Some celebrate the union at the Town Hall, while others opt for an outdoor ceremony.

Every moment must be coordinated as best as possible, since it is a short ceremony. Songs that have the most emotional impact for the couple are usually chosen. But there are also other classics of music that always touch the hearts of all the guests.

We recommend accompanying the reading of the votes with light instrumental songs. Among the most romantic for a civil ceremony, we find:

  • Cinema Paradiso , by Ennio Morricone
  • Life is beautiful, by Nicola Piovani
  • Imagine , by John Lennon
  • Any song by The Piano Guys
  • Love Story , by Francis Lai

The most suitable track for the exit of the spouses and the throwing of rice is modern and cheerful. The songs chosen must accompany these minutes of happiness and celebration for everyone. A band playing live is sure to improve the mood of the guests as they throw rice at the newlyweds.

  • Me cambiaste la vida , by Rìo Roma
  • Bendita la luz , by Manà
  • Alleluia , by Handel
  • Te amo , by Franco de Vita
  • Somebody to Love , by Queen

2. Songs for the bride’s entrance during the religious ceremony

Entrance of the bride

The bride’s entrance is one of the most anticipated moments, not only for the groom, but for all the guests. It is one of the most emotional moments of the whole wedding. From exiting the car to walking to the altar, all eyes are on the bride.

An angelic aura seems to surround all brides as they head confidently into their new life. And the songs for the religious wedding are those that, with their rhythm, accelerate the beat. For this reason, you have to choose really meaningful and powerful music tracks.

  • Ave Maria , by Beyoncé
  • Wedding march , by Wagner
  • Night Serenade , by Mozart
  • The swan , from Saint-Saëns
  • Adagio , by Albinoni

A live singer during the walk of the bride is of great impact. You can ask the church choir itself to perform – you won’t regret it! In some cases an external cantate indicated by the spouses is also allowed.

3. Songs for the couple leaving the religious ceremony

The moment of leaving the religious ceremony has a particular value, since the spouses go out as husband and wife before God. At this moment they will be more relaxed because they have successfully passed all the phases of the rite. In addition, they said the fateful “yes” and can therefore enjoy the day and celebrate with loved ones.

The wedding songs for the moment of the newlyweds’ release vary according to the personality of the protagonists. At the same time, the effect they want to convey to the guests plays a role.

  • I will leave with you , by Andrea Bocelli
  • Mi buen amor , by Gloria Estefan
  • Hasta mi final , by Il Divo
  • Te voy a amar , by Axel
  • Oh, happy day (played by a gospel choir)

4. Entrance of the spouses to the reception

Family members and friends are already in the reception room, waiting for the newlyweds to begin the celebrations. They are all elated and excited for the couple who will make their entrance. You could choose romantic songs, classical music or funny songs to be able to enter to the sound of music.

  • If you are bien , by Dragòn y Caballero
  • Pinta mi corazón , by Fonseca
  • I will always love you , by Whitney Houston
  • Oh my sun , by Eduardo Capua
  • Si nos dejan , by Luis Miguel

5. Waltz and start of the party

Wedding couple dancing

After having eaten and toasted, the bride and groom will head to the center of the hall to dance the waltz and officially open the dances. It will be the first dance together as a husband and wife, the beginning of a new adventure that we hope will last a lifetime. Finding the right waltz to enhance the union and the song with which to start the party is essential.

  • The waltz of flowers , by Tchaikovsky
  • Amélie’s waltz , soundtrack of the film Amélie
  • Waltz of the Emperor , by Strauss
  • The Blue Danube , by Strauss
  • Take this walts , by Leonard Cohen

Once this magical moment has passed, many guests will find themselves on the dance floor. It is at this point that the DJ changes musical genre and the cheerful rhythm takes over.

The repertoire depends on the style previously chosen by the spouses, if there are classic dancers that cannot be missing in any wedding. The idea is to offer music suitable for all guests and for all tastes.

To conclude

The wedding musical repertoire must be well planned because the songs will accompany any moment of the ceremony. It is not just a matter of thinking about the party, because from the rite onwards, there will be music. It is equally important to customize every detail of this day to feel comfortable and in tune with the moment.

Classic, romantic, modern and danceable, a wide variety of songs accompany the long awaited wedding ceremony. For this reason, you have to make an effort and select as many styles as possible. You will be sure that none of the guests will be unhappy with the music.

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