Why Do Breasts Itch Or Hurt?

Try not to be frightened, as the problem is usually caused by minor ailments, such as allergies or dehydration. However, if the burning or pain persists, see your doctor.
Why do breasts itch or hurt?

When breasts itch or hurt, we wonder what causes this problem.

While it would always be better to go to the doctor right away, to rule out any serious ailments, in this article we point out the possible causes of these problems, including hormonal problems, developmental problems or allergies.

We will also offer you some natural remedies based on medicinal plants to use when the breasts itch, which do not cause side effects.

Muscle pain – one of the reasons your breasts itch

In some cases, especially in young girls, they can suffer from breast pain that actually originates in the muscles, for example due to training exercises in the pectoral area.

In young girls it may be due to the fact that they are still in a development phase and when the breasts grow it can cause some discomfort.

The doctor will have to rule out any other health problems, and if he confirms that it is due to muscle problems caused by exercise, you can take a natural supplement based on magnesium .

The breasts itch due to the tissues

Itchy breasts can be caused by an allergic reaction to some detergents used to wash clothes, deodorants, or products that come into contact with the skin.

You will therefore have to be very careful and remember the products you have used.

Replace them with others, delicate and natural. For example, we recommend that you prepare a natural detergent for washing clothes and use alcohol-free deodorants.

If you still feel itchy, you can use aloe vera gel to calm it down.

Aloe vera plant

Dry skin

Your skin will be more vulnerable to problems like this if it is dry.

For this we recommend that you moisturize it , especially in the nipple area, with some vegetable oil, moisturizer or shea butter.

Make it a natural product, so it doesn’t cause allergies.

Before menstruation

If your breasts itch or hurt before menstruation, it is undoubtedly due to hormonal issues .

In this case, you can go to the gynecologist or a therapist, so that they offer you a diagnosis depending on the symptoms you present.

Some natural options to consider are evening primrose oil, chaste tree, Andean maca, or sage.

During pregnancy

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy, to be taken into consideration even at the beginning, can be itching or pain in the breasts.

This is due to the increased blood flow to the area, especially the nipples.

However, as the body gets used to this sensation, the discomfort tends to diminish.

In any case, you can calm it by preparing a concentrated infusion of calendula flowers, to be applied on the breast when it is warm, with the help of a gauze.

Pregnant woman


If itching and pain appear while breastfeeding, you may be suffering from mastitis.

It is an inflammation of the breast tissue caused by an infection, often also accompanied by fever and fatigue.

You can treat mastitis by making a concentrated infusion of thyme, to be applied daily on the nipple and around the area with the help of a little cotton.

Let it dry. At the same time, take a vitamin C and propolis supplement.

Breast Cancer Prevention

While you shouldn’t be alarmed, if you suffer from persistent pain and itching with no apparent cause, you should go to the doctor to rule out breast cancer.

At the same time, you can perform a breast self-palpation yourself.

With your feet in front of the mirror, raise your left arm and with your right hand slowly and deeply palpate, with circular movements, the entire profile of the breast, trying to cover the entire surface up to the armpit.

Do the same with the other breast. If you notice any bumps or odd shapes, see your doctor as soon as possible to rule out this disease.

Another symptom of breast cancer is the discharge of fluid from the nipple, both blood-colored and yellowish. This is also a warning sign.

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